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A. Actions by the Subdivider.

1. The Subdivider shall meet with Community Development Department staff and submit seven copies of the proposed "sketch plan" with general information regarding land use, street and lot arrangement, tentative lot sizes, slopes, existing topography, proposed grading, and building pad concepts and such additional information as may be required by staff in order to complete the submittal.

2. Tentative proposals shall be based on information from the Engineering Department or other appropriate agencies regarding water supply, sewage disposal, drainage, detention, and street improvements. Where methods may be considered unconventional, or private, these may be indicated by notes.

B. Actions by the Department. The Department shall discuss the proposal with the subdivider in general terms, advising the subdivider of the procedural steps, design and improvement standards, and general platting requirements. Depending on the scope of the proposed development, the Department shall distribute the seven "sketch plans" to the following agencies, requesting that the following investigations be made:

1. Community Development Department: To check the existing zoning of the tract and to make recommendations if a zoning change is necessary or desirable; to review the proposal and its relationship to adjacent land uses, the General Plan's goals and objectives; to review the compliance with Subdivision Ordinance regulations and any other applicable regulations.

2. Fountain Hills Engineering Department: To review relationship of property to major streets, utility systems and any unusual characteristics such as topography, flooding, landscaping etc. To determine street width and right-of-way requirements, driveway relationships, minimum curve requirements and other traffic control related characteristics. To identify possible off-site public improvements and dedications.

3. Fountain Hills Parks and Recreation Department: To determine the degree of parks and other public open space requirements for the area as determined by The Fountain Hills General Plan; to then determine what space needs shall be reserved or set aside with any special requirements for such site; to determine how such space needs are to be acquired; and to request a meeting with the applicant to resolve potential acquisition.

4. Fountain Hills Sanitary District: To review the wastewater disposal system, line sizing and location, treatment plant capacity and other requirements of the District.

5. Chaparral City Water Company: To review the water distribution system, line sizing and location and other requirements of the company.

6. Fountain Hills Fire District: To review the water distribution system, line sizing and location and other requirements of the District.

7. Fountain Hills School District: To reflect the needs of the school district and to reserve land areas as shown in The Fountain Hills General Plan, pursuant to Article VII, for the development of new school district facilities, including schools.