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This stage includes the final design of the subdivision, engineering of public improvements, and submittal by the subdivider of improvement plans to the Town Engineer, Fountain Hills Sanitary District, Chaparral City Water Company, and other utilities for approval, including the submittal of the final plat for review and action by the Town Council.

A. Final Plat Preparation: The final plat shall be prepared in accordance with requirements set forth in this section and shall conform to the approved preliminary plat.

B. Improvement Plans: Improvement plans shall be submitted in accordance with the procedures and standards established in Article IV of this ordinance.

C. Filing Fee: The subdivider shall, at the time of filing the application(s) for the final plat and improvement plans, pay the Town the final plat application fee and any improvement plan review, permit and inspection fees that are established by the Town Council.

D. Title Report: The subdivider shall, at the time of filing the application(s) for the final plat and improvement plans, submit an American Land Title Association (A.L.T.A.) title report certifying that the applicant has title, acceptable to the Town Attorney, for all of the land being subdivided.

E. Information Required for Final Plat Submittal:

1. Pre-Final Review: The subdivider shall file with the Community Development Department two full-size (24" x 36") blue or black line copies of the final plat for conventional subdivisions and three copies for PUD's, commercial, office and industrial centers together with a letter of transmittal, indicating "pre-final review requested". This review can take place anytime following the technical review stage. The Department, upon receipt of the pre-final plat submittal, shall review the plat for conformity to the approved preliminary plat, transferring the second copy to the Engineering Department and/or Building Safety Department for their review and approval for conformance to requirements of the Subdivision Regulations, Subdivision Technical Review Committee requirements and the engineering plans.

2. Identification Data Required:

a. A title which includes the name of the subdivision and its location by number of section, township, range and county.

b. Name, address and registration number of the seal of the Arizona-registered land surveyor preparing the plat.

c. Name, address and registration number of the seal of the Arizona-registered professional civil engineer responsible for the engineering that is necessary in preparation of the proposed subdivision.

d. Scale, north arrow, and date of plat preparation.

e. The name, address and telephone number of the property owner.

3. Survey Data Required:

a. Boundaries of the tract to be subdivided shall be fully balanced and closed, showing all bearings, distances and mathematical calculations, determined by an accurate survey in the field.

The surveyor of record shall also provide a copy of the computer closure, properly stamped and signed showing registration number. All dimensions shall be expressed in feet and decimals thereof.

b. Any excepted parcel(s) within the plat boundaries shall show all bearings and distances, determined by an accurate survey in the field. All dimensions shall be expressed in feet and decimals thereof.

c. Corners of the plat shall be noted and monuments found or set shall be indicated. Each of two corners of the subdivision traverse shall be tied by course and distance to separate section corners or quarter section corners. Portions of any adjacent property between major road intersections shall not be excluded from within the boundaries of the subdivision when needed or required for dedication or improvement of any traffic, drainage, or flood control facility. Such areas may be indicated as excluded tracts after necessary dedications are shown.

d. In areas subject to flooding, minimum finished floor elevations shall be shown as determined by the Town Engineer.

e. Location and description of cardinal points to which all dimensions, angles, bearings, and similar data on the plat shall be referenced. Each of two corners of the subdivision traverse shall be tied by course and distance to separate section or quarter section corners.

f. Location of all physical encroachments upon the boundaries or the tract.

g. Total subdivision gross acres.

h. Total number of lots and parcels, and the size, in square feet, of each lot or parcel. The size of lots or parcels greater than ten acres in size may be expressed in acres.

4. Descriptive Data Required:

a. Names, centerlines, right-of-way lines, courses, lengths, and width of all public streets, alleys, pedestrian ways, and utility easements; radii, points of tangency, curve lengths, and central angles of all curvilinear streets, alleys and intersection corners.

b. All drainage ways, significant vegetation, rock outcroppings, and other natural features shall be shown on the plat. The rights-of-way of all major drainage ways shall be dedicated drainage easements or right-of-way as determined by the Engineering Department.

c. All easements for right-of-way provided for public services or utilities and any limitations of the easements. The following notations shall be placed on all final plats: "Construction within easements, except by public agencies and utility companies, shall be limited to utilities or removable section type fencing."

d. Location, dimensions and square footage of all lots.

e. All lots shall be numbered by consecutive numbers throughout the plat. "Exceptions", "tracts", and "common open space" shall be so designated, lettered, or named and clearly dimensioned. Ownership and maintenance responsibility for common open space areas shall be indicated on the plat.

f. Location, dimensions, bearings, radii, arcs, and central angles of all sites to be dedicated to the Town with the use clearly indicated.

g. Location of all adjoining subdivisions with date, book, and page number of recordation noted, or if unrecorded or unsubdivided, so noted.

h. Any deed restrictions or restrictive covenants required or to be imposed upon the plat or any part or parts thereof pertaining to the intended use of the land shall be submitted as a part of the total recording submittal.

5. Dedication and Acknowledgement:

a. Dedication: Statement of dedication of all streets, alleys, drainage detention/retention basins and drainage ways, pedestrian/bicycle ways, and easements for public use, including sanitation, utility, fire and other emergency related vehicles, executed by the person holding title of record, by persons holding titles as vendees under land contract, by the spouse(s) of said parties, lien holders and all other parties having an interest in the property. If lands dedicated are liened, the lien holders shall also sign the plat. Dedication shall include a written location by section, township, and range of the tract. If the plat contains private streets, the public easement, which shall be reserved, shall include the right to install and maintain utilities in any approved private street, including refuse collections, fire and other emergency services.

b. Acknowledgment of Dedication: Execution of dedication shall be acknowledged and certified by a notary public.

6. Required Certification:

a. Certification by the Arizona-registered land surveyor preparing the plat that the plat is correct and accurate and that the monuments described in it have either been set or located as described. All maps shall contain the seal of a registered land surveyor, as per Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS).

b. Certification by the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources that Chaparral City Water Company or its successors has an assured water supply for the subdivision in accordance with Section 45-576 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

7. Discrepancies, errors and omissions are noted on the pre-final copies and returned to the subdivider or his/her representative for correction. When corrections are minor, the Department shall give notification of the next Town Council meeting date and its associated re-submittal cut-off date. When corrections or discrepancies are of major importance or of a significant nature, the Department staff may require a second review prior to scheduling the plat for Town Council action.

8. The subdivider shall make all required corrections prior to submitting for Town Council action. The submittal shall include one 8½" x 11" PMT of all final plat sheets in the set and three full-sized, 24" x 36" set of blue or black line paper prints of all final plat and improvement plan sheets to the Department, along with a letter of transmittal requesting to be scheduled for Town Council approval.

F. Certifications:

1. Prior to Town Council approval, the following certifications shall be made:

a. Certification by the Town Engineer of plat approval and that all engineering conditions and requirements have been met and that the improvement plans have been completed and approved by the Town Engineer.

b. Certification by the Community Development Director of plat approval and that the final plat meets all Subdivision Ordinance regulations.

G. Final Approval:

1. The Town Council shall approve the Final Plat.

2. Within 30 days of Town Council approval of the final plat, the subdivider shall submit to the Town the following fees and documents in a form acceptable to the Town:

a. Final plat recording fees, and;

b. The subdivision improvement construction assurances, and;

c. At least two signed mylar copies of all sheets of the final plat and any other documents to be recorded.

3. The final plat shall be drawn in black ink on polyester "mylar", measuring exactly 24" x 36" with a left hand margin of 2 inches and be drawn to an accurate engineering scale from an accurate survey. The scale shall be approved by the Town Engineer. The applicant shall also submit a computerized drawing of the final plat in a file format required by the Town of Fountain Hills.

4. The applicant shall submit, prior to final plat recordation and at the time of mylar submission, computerized file drawings of the final plat and some or all of the approved improvement plans in a file format required by the Town of Fountain Hills.

5. Certification of Town Council approval of the final plat, under the signature of the Mayor.

6. Certification by the Town Clerk attesting to the to the mayor's signature and the date the map was approved by the Town Council.

7. When the certificate of approval by the Town Council has been transcribed on the plat, the Engineering Department shall retain the recording copy until the Town Engineer certifies that the subdivision has been staked; that the engineering plans have been approved; computer closure of the plat has been received; that the subdivision improvement construction assurances are in the form and amount to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer and the Town Attorney, along with the Engineer's estimated cost of said improvements has been received; and that any drainage or other restrictive covenants have been signed, notarized and received from the subdivider.

8. Upon receipt of the fees and documents listed in subsection 7 (above), the Town shall then cause the final plat to be recorded in the office of the County Recorder.

9. Certificate of recordation by the County Recorder is caused to be placed on the recording copies and filed in the office of the County Recorder. (Copies with book and page number can be requested by the subdivider for the County's standard fee).