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A. Minor Replats: Any lot line amendment, lot split, or lot join in a recorded subdivision that results in the creation of not more than two lots and that does not include a new street may be considered by the Development Services Director who shall ensure the newly created lots conform to the Town Zoning Ordinance and shall have the authority to review and administratively approve such minor replats approved pursuant to this subsection shall be recorded in the same manner as plats approved by the Town Council.

B. Except as permitted in subsection 2.07.A above, any change in lot lines in a recorded subdivision, shall be processed in accordance with Section 2.06 of this Ordinance, after a pre-application conference with Town Staff, as provided in Section 2.02 of this Ordinance.

C. Any replat involving the dedication of land for a public street or any off-site public improvements shall comply with all procedures set forth in Article 2 of this Ordinance. If the abandonment of a street, alley or public utility easement or other recorded easement in a previously recorded subdivision is necessary, the replat of that area shall be processed concurrently with the abandonment and recorded immediately subsequent to the recordation of the abandonment.