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A. Pursuant to the provisions of Title 28, Chapter 14, Article 1, Sub-sections 28-1901 through 28-1908, ARS, the abandonment of all or part of a recorded subdivision may be initiated by written petition to the Town Council. The petition shall be signed by all owners of real property in said subdivision requesting abandonment of all streets, alleys and easements within said subdivision and giving the legal description and recording information thereof.

B. Applications for the abandonment of a recorded subdivision are filed with the Community Development Director and referred for recommendation to the Town staff and the appropriate utility companies. After Town Council approval of the abandonment of any streets, alleys and easements within the subdivision, and after Town Council approval of the Abandonment Resolution for the recorded subdivision, and after the abandonment resolutions are recorded with the Maricopa County Recorder's Office, the subdivision is removed from the official maps.

C. Applications for abandonment of all or a portion of a recorded Hillside Protection Easement as required in Article 5, Section 5.04, may be reviewed and approved by the Development Services Director for easements which would not be required under the current Subdivision Ordinance. (20-07, Amended, 06/02/2020)