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Every subdivision shall conform to the goals and objectives of the General Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, other ordinances and regulations of the Town, and to the Arizona Revised Statutes.

A. Where the tract to be subdivided contains all or any part of the site of a park, school, flood control facility, or other public area as shown on the General Plan or as recommended by the Town Council, such site is to be reserved for acquisition by the appropriate agency within a specified period of time. An agreement should be reached between the subdivider and the appropriate public agency regarding time, method, and cost of such acquisition (See Article VII).

B. Land which is subject to periodic flooding, land which cannot be properly drained, or land which is otherwise unsuitable for residential, commercial or industrial uses shall not be subdivided; except that the Town Council may approve the subdivision of such land upon receipt of evidence, including subdivision construction assurances satisfactory to the Town Engineer that the construction of specific improvements will render the land suitable. The construction of subdivision improvements shall not commence until after final plat approval and financial assurances have been secured to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer.