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A. Street layout shall provide for the continuation of such streets as the General Plan or Engineering Department may designate.

B. There shall be no development of roadways built to collector or arterial standards unless that roadway development and precise roadway alignment is separately approved by, and at the sole discretion of, the Town Council prior to preliminary plat approval.

C. No street shall be approved as a "half street". The boundaries of a subdivision or a separate concurrent dedication shall provide for the full width of any necessary street dedication. Exceptions to the regulation shall only be granted when an existing half street dedication adjoining a proposed subdivision is in place and the Town is thereby assured of a full street right-of-way dedication upon approval of the final plat.

D. Certain proposed streets, as designated by the Town, shall be extended to the tract boundary to provide future connection with adjoining unsubdivided lands.

E. Local streets shall be so arranged as to discourage their use by through traffic.

F. Where a proposed subdivision abuts or contains an existing or proposed arterial or major collector right-of-way, nonbuildable parcels equaling at least the depth of the minimum street side-yard setback of the base zoning district, or 20 feet, whichever is greater, shall be platted with Nonvehicular Access Easements along the arterial or major collector right-of-way. Other treatment as may be justified for protection of residential properties from the nuisance and hazard of high volume traffic, and to preserve the traffic function of the arterial or collector street may be required by the Town Engineer.

G. Where a subdivision abuts or contains the right-of-way of a limited access highway, or abuts a commercial or industrial land use, the subdivider may be required to locate a street approximately parallel to and on each side of such right-of-way at a distance suitable for appropriate use of the intervening land. Such distance shall be determined with due regard for approach grades, drainage, bridges, or future grade separations.

H. Streets shall be so arranged in relation to existing topography as to produce desirable lots of maximum utility, streets of reasonable gradient, and the facilitation of adequate drainage:

I. Where private streets are approved through the Planned Unit Development Process, such streets shall be constructed to Town public street specifications and shall be placed into specific "street tracts" of land. Statements shall be contained on the plat and in both the deed restrictions and the homeowners’ association by-laws that those streets are declared private subject to an easement authorizing use by emergency and public service vehicles, and remain the permanent responsibility of the homeowners association. If at any time the streets are dedicated to and accepted by the Town, the streets must first be developed to at least the minimum standards specified by the Town at the time of dedication.