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A. The maximum length of blocks measured along the centerline of the street, and between intersecting noncul-de-sac street centerlines, is 3,000 feet; except that in a development with buildable lot frontages averaging 250 feet or more, or where conditions warrant, this maximum may be exceeded by 500 feet. Blocks shall be as long as reasonably possible under the circumstances within the above maximums in order to achieve depth and possible street economy and to reduce the expense and safety hazard arising from excessive street intersections (See Exhibit 17).

B. Pedestrian/Bicycle Trails. Pedestrian/bicycle trails, other than and including sidewalks within street rights-of-way, with widths of eight to 12 feet may be required where essential for circulation, or access to schools, playgrounds, shopping centers, transportation, other community facilities or where called for in the General Plan. Pedestrian/bicycle trails may also be used for utility and drainage purposes if so noted on the plat and approved by the Engineering Department (See Exhibit 18).