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A. Lot width and area shall comply with the minimum requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, including subsection H. below, and shall be appropriate for the location and character of development proposed and for the type and extent of street and utility improvements being installed. In general, urban densities must have urban street and utility improvements. The term "urban improvements" is interpreted to mean paved and curbed streets, sidewalks, local storm drainage system, public water supply, fire protection and public sanitary sewerage. Street lights may be required at the direction of the Town Council.

Where steep topography (exceeding 10 percent), unusual soil conditions, drainage problems, abrupt changes in land use or heavy traffic on adjacent streets or any other condition exists or can be shown to occur that would not allow a lot to be buildable without some variance or waiver, the Town Council may deny the creation of the lot.

B. All proposed lots must be developable without the need of a variance, waiver or any further discretionary approvals from the Town. Prior to final plat approval the Town may require additional documentation, including but not limited to engineered concept site plans, for lots with questionable developability.

C. All lot depths shall be at least 95 feet and the depth-to-width ratio of the usable area of the lot not greater than three to one (See Exhibit 19).

D. All lots shall have frontage as required by the appropriate zoning district on a fully dedicated, accepted and improved public street that meets all Town requirements unless otherwise approved through a Planned Unit Development (See Exhibit 19).

E. Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street lines, except where other treatment may be justified in the opinion of the Town Council (See Exhibit 20).

F. Through lots shall not be permitted. An undevelopable tract of land, at a minimum depth equal to at least 20 feet or the street-side yard setback requirement of the zoning district within which the subdivision is located, shall be shown on the final plat between the rear and street side lot line(s) of all lot(s) and the abutting street right-of-way (See Exhibit 21). In subdivisions where all of the lots are at least 18,000 square feet in size and are not graded with the subdivision improvements, a no-build or other comparable easement may be platted, at the Town's discretion, instead of the separate tract of land.

G. Single residential lots on curvilinear streets shall have rear lot lines consisting of a series of straight lines with points of deflection occurring only at the junction of side and rear lot lines unless otherwise approved. Curvilinear rear lot lines with a minimum radius of 800 feet will be permitted (See Exhibit 22). (13-08, Amended, 06/06/2013)