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A. Three complete sets of improvement plans for construction of all required improvements shall be prepared and stamped by a civil engineer registered in the State of Arizona. Such plans shall be based on the technical review of the preliminary plat, be prepared in accordance with the engineering standards prepared by the Town Engineer and in conjunction with the final plat and shall be prepared on 24" x 36" paper.

B. No final plat shall be approved until the improvement plans have been approved by the Town and subdivision construction assurances have been secured, to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer and Town Attorney.

C. Once the improvement plans have been approved, the applicant shall submit a copy of the improvement plans to the Town. This copy shall be drawn in black ink on polyester "mylar", measuring exactly 24" x 36" with a left hand margin of 2 inches and be drawn to an accurate engineering scale from an accurate survey. The scale shall be approved by the Town Engineer. The applicant shall also submit a computerized drawing of the approved improvement plans in a file format required by the Town of Fountain Hills.