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The principal purpose of these Land Disturbance Standards is to allow the reasonable use and development of land while promoting the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare of the citizens of the Town. These standards are to help maintain the character, identity, and image of the Town. The primary objectives of the Land Disturbance Standards are: to minimize the possible loss of life and property through the careful regulation of development; to protect watershed, natural waterways; to ensure that all new development is free from adverse drainage conditions; to protect against soil erosion; to minimize land disturbance and encourage preservation of the natural character and aesthetic value of the desert within the Town and preserve the general visual character of graded sites by allowing the flexibility necessary to produce unique, environmentally sensitive projects; and to provide for the protection of the existing landscape by encouraging retention of natural topographic features, native vegetation, and wildlife habitat.

To meet these objectives, it is necessary during planning and implementation of grading activities to give consideration to the following: conservation of the natural environmental function of the site; compatibility with the surrounding land; stabilization of hillsides, slopes, or other areas subject to erosion or mass movement; and the preservation of the natural capacity of drainage courses and protection of natural drainage ways.

It is the intent of these requirements to provide specific land disturbance standards for the development of land within the Town. Standard Town requirements for subdivision design, storm water retention and detention, rights-of-way, pavement widths and street design shall apply, except where alternatives may be permitted to maintain the natural desert character of the area.