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A. Nonretained Walls. Nonretaining walls and fences shall not exceed six feet in height as measured from subdivision-finished grade.

B. Perimeter Subdivision Walls.

1. Reflect Topography: Perimeter subdivision walls, if desired, shall be designed to reflect changes in the topography (See Exhibit 31).

2. Design Preferences: Perimeter subdivision walls, if desired, are encouraged to be designed and constructed in a height and style which preserves desert vistas and environment, unless otherwise approved by the Town (See Exhibit 31).

3. Setback Requirements: Perimeter subdivision walls over 3.5 feet in height that are located outside of a front-yard setback area shall observe the same setback from any public or private right-of-way property line as the street-side yard setback of the zoning district within which the subdivision is located.

C. Walls or fences on individual lots which are visible from the street are encouraged to be designed to match the character and appearance of the buildings in the subdivision (See Exhibit 31).