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A. Revegetation plans must be submitted to and approved by the Town of Fountain Hills prior to Town Council consideration of the Final Plat. Revegetation of cut and fill slopes shall be done in such fashion as to restore those graded slopes to an appearance approximating, as closely as possible, their natural state. Indigenous plant materials or low water usage shrubs, trees and grasses must be used, as well as inorganic groundcovers in a color and size approximating the native soils to dress the scarred area. The use of rock and boulders native to the site in a quantity and quality resembling the undisturbed areas of the site is required. An irrigation system, for the initial period to reestablish the vegetation, which shall be carefully designed to avoid overspray or runoff onto the natural area, must also be installed to maintain the revegetation until it has become established.

B. Upon completion of construction, any natural area disturbed by the construction activity shall be revegetated with indigenous plants to match the adjacent natural area. This revegetation process shall be completed within 90 days of final subdivision approval by the Town Engineer, and before the return of any contingency (ten percent on average) subdivision improvement assurance funds, unless a specific exemption is granted by the Community Development Director. However, grading for drainage and erosion control purposes shall be completed prior to final inspection.

C. There should be no de-vegetation or the removal of other landscape materials from the site prior to preliminary plat approval. De-vegetation and landscape removal activities prior to final plat approval and recordation are allowed at the risk of the property owner. Any area having slopes equal to or in excess of 15 10 percent that is de-vegetated or where landscape materials are removed prior to final plat approval and recordation shall be considered disturbed, as defined in Article I, and shall not be accepted by the Town as undisturbed hillside area to meet the requirements of Section 504 of these regulations.

D. The location of temporary nurseries for landscaping materials shall be shown on the landscape plan. Temporary nurseries shall only be located in an area or areas that are shown as disturbed areas on the subdivision-grading plan. Off-site nurseries can only be utilized if their location(s) are approved by staff. All access roads to and from temporary nurseries shall be shown on the subdivision grading plan and the landscape plan.

Exhibit 32. Thorny Plant Buffering Requirements

Exhibit 33. Boulders, Trees, & Thorny Plants in Large Width Medians