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A. No person shall operate a vehicle on or across or park on any portion of an unpaved or unstabilized vacant lot or area unless the property is dust-proofed pursuant to the Town Code or the Town Zoning Ordinance or the site has been issued a Maricopa County permit for the control of fugitive dust from dust generating operations.

B. No person shall operate any vehicle, including an off-highway vehicle, an all-terrain vehicle, or an off-road recreational motor vehicle, on an unpaved surface that is not a public or private road, street or lawful easement and that is closed by (1) the landowner by rule or regulation of a federal agency, this state, a county or municipality or (2) proper posting if the land is private land.

C. This section does not apply to the operation of vehicles used in the normal course of business or the normal course of government operations.

D. In addition to or in lieu of civil fines, a judge may order a person to (1) perform at least eight but not more than twenty-four (24) hours of a community restitution course or (2) complete an approved safety course related to the off-highway operation of motor vehicles, or both. (2021-29, Amended, 09/21/2021; 21-14, Amended, 09/21/2021; 08-05, Amended, 03/06/2008)