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A. No person shall operate any commercial vehicle at any time upon any town streets except those streets or parts of streets described as truck routes.

B. In the event a pickup or delivery point is not located on a truck route but is located within the corporate limits of the Town, then a person operating a commercial vehicle may leave an adopted truck route by the nearest route to make a delivery or pickup after which the vehicle must return immediately by the nearest route to an adopted truck route.

C. The designated truck routes shall be:

1. The full length of Palisades Blvd.

2. Technology Drive from 100 feet north of Saguaro Boulevard to Shea Boulevard.

3. Saguaro Boulevard from Fountain Hills Boulevard south to 600 feet southwest of Firebrick Drive.

4. Laser Drive from Technology Drive west to end of cul de sac east of Leo Drive.

5. Grande Boulevard from the eastern town limits to Saguaro Boulevard.

6. Fountain Hills Boulevard from Saguaro Boulevard to the northern town limits.

D. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this section, no person shall operate any commercial vehicle on any street within the Town except upon designated through truck routes when such operation is not in connection with a delivery or pickup within the corporate limits of the Town. Designated through truck routes shall be limited to the following:

1. The entire length of Shea Blvd.

2. For through trucks entering or exiting via McDowell Mountain Road, Eagle Ridge Drive or Sunset Vista Drive any designated truck route may be used.

E. The provisions of this section do not apply to:

1. Passenger buses.

2. Any vehicle owned by a public utility while necessarily in use in the construction, installation or repair of any public utility.

3. Any vehicle operated for residential refuse collection.

4. Fire engines and other emergency vehicles.

5. Vehicles of other municipalities or political subdivisions.

F. Special permits for over-height or over-weight vehicles as defined by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division General Order No. 17-4-201 through 208, may be acquired from the Town engineer. (17-02, Amended, 06/01/2017; 02-13, Added, 09/05/2002)