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A. An action to hear and determine an alleged violation of this Article may be commenced by issuance of a citation by a peace officer of the State of Arizona or the Town Manager or his authorized designee.

B. The citation shall be in the form deemed appropriate by the Town Manager.

C. Service of any citation for violation of this Article may be accomplished, and will be deemed proper and complete, by any of the following methods:

1. By having the defendant sign the citation with a promise to appear in court ten or more days after issuance of the citation.

2. If the defendant refuses to sign the citation, by hand delivering a copy of the citation to the defendant.

3. By affixing the citation to any vehicle owned by the defendant and the parking, location or abandonment of which constitute the offense charged in the citation.

4. In the event service cannot be accomplished as set forth above, the defendant may be served by any means allowed by the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure for the Superior Court. (21-05, Renumbered, 01/05/2021; 20-06, Amended, 06/02/2020; 17-02, Added, 06/01/2017. Formerly 12-3-18)