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Article 13-14 Administration

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A. Inspection of Records. The Council reserves the right during the term of the license agreement and during normal business hours and upon the giving of reasonable notice to examine, audit, review and obtain copies of licensee’s contracts, engineering plans, accounting, financial data and service records relating to the property and operations of the licensee and to all other records required to be kept pursuant to this chapter and A.R.S. § 9-1415.

B. Licensee Rules and Regulations. Copies of such rules, regulations, terms and conditions adopted by the licensee for the conduct of its business shall be provided to the Town Manager, upon request of the Town Manager.

C. Town Manager. The Town Manager or his designee shall have responsibility for the day-to-day administration of cable communication operations within the Town as governed by this chapter and the applicable license agreements. The Town Manager shall be empowered to take all administrative actions on behalf of the Council except those actions specified herein which are reserved to the Council or another Town office or officer. (19-18, Amended, 12/03/2019)