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A. Pavement shall be removed such that the edge of the pavement cut is outside of the wheel path.

B. Backfill shall be in accordance with Maricopa Association of Governments Standard Detail 200, or Town of Fountain Hills Detail FH 200-1 or as specified by the Town Engineer in the permit. Backfill shall begin immediately following completion and inspection of the utility work.

C. Following completion of backfill, the trench shall be steel-plated or temporarily patched and the street opened to traffic. A permanent patch shall be placed within three working days.

D. The final pavement replacement shall be flush with the existing edges of the trench. The grade from one end of the trench to the other shall be smooth and straight with no more than one-quarter of an inch plus or minus deviation, but not both, measured in the direction of traffic flow.

E. Pavement replacement shall match the existing street. The permit may require an overlay if the existing pavement surface is less than one year old.

F. Where concrete slurry is used for backfill it shall be one sack mix and paving may not begin until the moisture in the slurry has dissipated. (13-02, Amended, 04/18/2013; 09-08, Amended, 07/02/2009)