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A. The Town Engineer shall prescribe and provide a regular form of application for use by Applicants for permits required by this article. The application shall include such information and details as the Town Engineer deems necessary to establish the exact location, nature, dimensions, duration and purpose of the proposed encroachment. For encroachments in the right-of-way, the applicant shall submit a traffic control plan in accordance with Section 16-1-7 below.

B. When required by the Town Engineer, the application shall be accompanied by maps, sketches, diagrams or similar exhibits. The accompanying materials shall be of the size and in the quantity prescribed by the Town Engineer and of sufficient clarity to illustrate the location, dimensions, nature and purpose of the proposed encroachment and its relation to existing and proposed facilities in the right-of-way or water course.

C. The applicant shall enclose with, or attach to, the application the written order or consent to any work thereunder which may be required by law to be obtained. A permit shall not be issued until such order of consent is first obtained and evidence thereof is supplied to the Town.

D. No changes shall be made in the location, dimensions, character or duration of the encroachment as granted by the permit except upon written authorization of the Town Engineer.

E. Before issuing an encroachment permit that will affect any water line trench or sewer line trench, the Town Engineer may require the applicant to obtain the approval of the Chaparral City Water Company and the Fountain Hills Sanitary District, respectively.

F. The applicant shall submit documentation with the application describing any potential conflicts identified by Arizona Blue Stake to identify any potential conflicts.

G. The applicant shall submit the signed permit application, proof of liability insurance, two copies of detailed drawings and traffic control plans, and a certificate of quantities detailing and dimensioning the items being placed in the right -of-way.

H. A completion date will be indicated on the permit. The contractor shall notify the Town Engineer 48 hours prior to start of construction. The permit may place restrictions on the time of day that work can be performed. (13-02, Amended, 04/18/2013)