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A. Traffic Control Plans. A Traffic Control Plan shall be submitted with each Encroachment Permit application for any activities in the Town’s right-of-way. The level of detail of such plan shall be determined by the work being performed and proximity to traffic. The Traffic Control Plan must be computer generated and designed and drawn by a person that is currently certified as Traffic Control Supervisor by the ATSSA and shall be submitted at least three business days prior to the start of work. Traffic Control Plans shall be submitted directly to the Town, using the established procedure, by the individual or company providing the temporary traffic control services.

B. Certified Persons. Placement of temporary traffic control devices within the right-of-way shall be completed under the direct, on-site supervision of a person who is currently certified as Traffic Control Technician by the ATSSA. The Technician shall carry ATSSA-issued proof of certification on his/her person at all times when working within the right-of-way, and shall produce the certification, as well as state-issued photo identification, upon request by the Town staff or law enforcement.

C. Temporary Signing. All temporary signing in place due to the requirements of a Traffic Control Plan shall be minimum of ASTM Type IV sheeting, a minimum of 36" x 36" (for Warning Series signs), and shall be mounted on spring type stands. All temporary speed limit reducing signs within the right-of-way of Shea Boulevard, Fountain Hills Boulevard, Palisades Boulevard and Saguaro Boulevard shall be a minimum of 36" x 48". All signing for projects considered to be Long-Term Stationary in nature by the MUTCD shall be post mounted.

D. Flaggers. Any civilian flagger working within the Town’s right-of-way shall hold current certification as a flagger by the ATSSA, or a pre-approved (by the Town) equivalent, and shall carry proof of certification at all times when working within the right-of-way. Certified flaggers may be required to provide proof of certification to the Town prior to working within the Town’s right-of-way. Off duty P.O.S.T. certified law enforcement officers may be used in lieu of certified flaggers. Civilian flaggers shall not be permitted to control traffic at an intersection at any time; intersection traffic control shall only be conducted by MCSO Deputies.

E. Street Closures. Requests for street closures (excluding special events as determined by the Town) shall be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the date needed. Requests shall be made in writing and shall include a Traffic Control Plan that meets the requirements of the MUTCD and the Town Engineer. Requests will be reviewed and approved based upon need and potential life/safety issues. If a road closure request is granted, the contract / Applicant will be held to the dates requested and approved by the Town. Should the contractor not complete its work in the agreed-upon time limits, a $1,500.00 per day fine may be levied for each day the work is not completed and temporary signing remains within the right-of-way, which fine shall be separate from any penalties for violations of this Article. The contractor may be directed on the last day of authorized work to begin work to open the road. The Town reserves the option of taking the necessary steps to open the road should the need arise.

F. Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officer. An uniformed law enforcement officer shall be present as required as part of an approved traffic control plan or as directed by the Town Engineer or designee. Only MCSO deputies regularly assigned to the Town of Fountain Hills District Seven shall be permitted to be utilized within the Town of Fountain Hills. If a Town of Fountain Hills District Seven MCSO Deputy is not available, only the Town Engineer or designee may authorize the use of a post-certified peace officer from another jurisdiction. (13-02, Amended, 04/18/2013; 09-08, Amended, 07/02/2009)