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A. The Town Council shall, by ordinance or resolution, set and amend any rate, rate component, charge, or fee authorized by state law for the use of the public right-of-way and Town utility poles in connection with small wireless facilities including:

1. Fees for special use permit applications

2. Fees for collocation applications;

3. Fees for the use of the right-of-way;

4. Rates for the use of the Town’s utility poles;

5. Fees for Encroachment Permit Applications;

6. Fees to recover legal costs resulting from enforcement to any noncompliance including, but not limited to, administrative expenses, investigation, testing, legal proceedings and filings, and continued monitoring; and

7. Other fees as the Town may determine necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein.

B. All rates and fees set or amended pursuant to this article shall be reasonable and shall not exceed the amounts permitted by state law.

C. The Town shall publish and make available its schedule of rates and fees.

D. These fees relate solely to the matters covered by this article and are separate from all other fees, fines and penalties chargeable by the Town. (18-01, Added, 02/20/2018)