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A. Public safety alarm response service charges ("service charges") shall be assessed against alarm users in such amounts per activation as approved by the Council by resolution or as part of the Town’s annual budget, except as otherwise provided herein, for each calendar year.

B. No service charges shall be assessed pursuant to subsection A of this section for alarm activations which occur within the first thirty days of the following:

1. Installation of a new alarm system; or

2. New occupants moving into a residence with an existing alarm system.

C. No service charges shall be assessed for an alarm activation that results in the preparation of a report by the police department, or the fire department, in response to the activation.

D. All service charges shall become due and payable when a statement of charges is mailed to the customer and, except when specific arrangements are made in advance, shall become delinquent 21 days after being mailed. A late charge in such amount as approved by the Council by resolution or as part of the Town’s annual budget shall be assessed for delinquent payments.

E. Records of service charges assessed against any alarm user, or premises, shall be deemed confidential and may only be disclosed to the alarm user, an alarm business presently having some responsibility for the alarm system that is the subject of the permit and town representatives, including members of the police and fire departments, acting in their official capacity. (09-08, Amended, 07/02/2009)