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The Commission shall have the following duties:

A. Formulate and administer any lawful plan duly adopted by the Council for growth and development.

B. Make or cause to be made a continuous study of the best and future use to which land and buildings shall be put within the Town of Fountain Hills.

C. Recommend to the Council revisions in such plans that, in the opinion of the Commission, are in the best interest of the citizens of the Town of Fountain Hills.

D. Hold public hearings when necessary or when required by law.

E. Make recommendations to the Council on all matters concerning or relating to the creation of Zoning Ordinances, the boundaries thereof, the appropriate regulations to be enforced therein, and amendments of the Town of Fountain Hills Zoning Ordinance.

F. Carry out the specific duties as prescribed by this Code, including Chapter 17 of the Town of Fountain Hills Zoning Ordinance.

G. Undertake all activities usually associated therewith and commonly known as "planning and zoning"; provided, however, that Commission members shall not interfere with, or participate in, the administrative duties of the Town’s Development Services Department.

H. To confer and advise with other town, county, regional, or state planning agencies and commissions. (19-15, Added, 09/03/2019)