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The Commission shall have the following duties:

A. Champion the Town’s Strategic Plan to keep it visible for the Town Council, staff, citizens and media.

B. Act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council and Town Manager in matters pertaining to the Town’s Strategic Plan.

C. Provide a copy of the Strategic Plan to all Fountain Hills Town candidates for public office and educate newly elected and appointed officials about the Strategic Plan.

D. Monitor the Strategic Plan’s implementation and ensure its long-term legitimacy.

E. Update the Strategic Plan at least once every five years dependent on appropriations by the Town Council.

F. Make recommendations with respect to the implementation of the Strategic Plan to the Town Manager.

G. Develop partnerships to help implement adopted strategic initiatives.

H. Meet annually with the Town Council to assess progress of the Strategic Plan.

I. Host public dialogue about new strategic initiatives to consider for the next five-year strategic plan.

J. Write brief periodic Strategic Plan progress reports.

K. Perform such other duties not inconsistent with these as may be requested by the Town Council. (19-15, Added, 09/03/2019)