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The duties of the court administrator are the following, subject to the overall supervision of the presiding judge with regard to their performance:

A. Accept and file all summons, complaints, pleadings, motions, records, judgments and other documents presented to, or issued by, the Town municipal court in the exercise of its jurisdiction.

B. Prepare and maintain the court’s dockets, calendar and other records of its proceedings.

C. Issue any town court process.

D. Receive and collect all funds in payment of fines, bail and costs, and to deposit, disburse and account for the same as required by state statute or court rules.

E. Prepare of all statistical and other reports required to be maintained or filed by the Town municipal court.

F. Perform such other services as may be directed by the judge in the exercise of the Town municipal court’s jurisdiction.

G. Furnish all secretarial services required in the exercise of the jurisdiction of the Town municipal court. (02-03, Amended, 03/21/2002)