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A. The owner of a dog shall pay an annual license fee, as established by the enforcement agent, for each dog three months of age or over that is kept, harbored or maintained within the boundaries of the Town for at least thirty consecutive days of each calendar year. The licensing period shall not exceed the period of time for revaccination as designated by the state veterinarian. A penalty amount shall be added to the license fee in the event that application is made subsequent to the date on which the dog is required to be licensed under the provisions of this article. This penalty shall not be assessed against applicants who furnish adequate proof that the dog to be licensed has been in their possession in the Town less than thirty consecutive days.

B. Durable dog tags shall be provided. Each dog licensed under the terms of this article shall receive at the time of licensing, such a tag on which shall be inscribed the name of the County, the number of the license and the year in which it expires. The tag shall be attached to a collar or harness which shall be worn by the dog at all times while running at large, except as otherwise provided in this article. Whenever a dog tag is lost, a duplicate tag shall be issued upon application by the owner and payment of a fee to the enforcement agent.

C. License fees may be set at a rate that is lower for (i) persons over the age of 65, upon proper proof of age and (ii) dogs permanently incapable of procreation. An applicant for a license for a dog claimed to be incapable of procreation shall furnish adequate proof satisfactory to the enforcement agent that such dog has been surgically altered to be permanently incapable of procreation.

D. Any person who fails within fifteen days after written notification from the enforcement agent to obtain a license for a dog required to be licensed, counterfeits or attempts to counterfeit an official dog tag, or removes such tag from any dog for the purpose of willful and malicious mischief or places a dog tag upon a dog unless the tag was issued for that particular dog is guilty of a class two misdemeanor. (18-05, Amended, 04/17/2018; 09-08, Amended, 07/02/2009; 06-08, Amended, 02/02/2006; 03-21, Amended, 12/18/2003)