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A. The owner of any property subject to a building permit for construction activity on that property shall not maintain on the property, or allow to be maintained on the property, construction activities that cause unreasonable negative health, safety or welfare impacts to neighboring properties.

B. If a building permit is expired for construction on property, the owner thereof shall immediately (1) remove, or cause to be removed, any construction equipment, materials and debris and (2) restore the property to as safe a condition as existed prior to commencement of construction activities thereon, as determined by the Chief Building Official.

C. The Chief Building Official shall (1) notify the property owner of any conditions on such property that are in violation of Subsection 7-12-2(A) or (B) above by first class mail and (2) provide the property owner with a reasonable period of time to correct or mitigate the condition. The Chief Building Official shall determine if and when the condition has been corrected.

D. Should the condition continue beyond a reasonable period of time, as determined by the Chief Building Official and included in the notice request under Subsection 7-12-2(C) above, the property shall be considered a nuisance pursuant to Article 10-2 of this Code and shall be subject to all penalties related thereto. In addition to prosecuting the nuisance in the manner described in this Code, the Town may, at its sole option, also cause the removal of such nuisance by any means permitted pursuant to Ariz. rev. Stat. § 9-499, as amended, or Article 10-4 of this Code. (09-07, Added, 09/17/2009)