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In this article unless the context requires otherwise:

A. "Distribution feeder" means that portion of the distribution system feeding from a distribution substation to a specific load area having a capacity of over three thousand KVA.

B. "Existing utility poles and wires" means such poles and wires and other facilities as are in place and in operation as of the effective date of this code and including repairs, replacements, relocations on the same alignment, additions, enlargements, betterments, changes or improvements hereinafter made to maintain or increase service capabilities of existing utility poles, wires, service drops and other facilities, but it does not include extensions made to existing distribution lines.

C. "Transmission line" means an electric line used for the bulk transmission of electricity between generating or receiving points and major substations or delivery points, having a rating of over twelve thousand volts.

D. "Utility poles and wires" means poles and structures, wires, cables, transformers and all other facilities used in or as a part of the distribution or transmission of telephone, telegraph, radio or television communications.