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After the effective date of this code, no new utility poles and wires shall be erected in the Town above the surface of the ground unless a permit is first secured therefore from the Town manager or his designee; except that the following construction may be installed without such a permit:

A. Temporary service facilities, such as facilities to furnish emergency service during an outage, facilities to provide service to construction sites, or other service of a limited duration, such as to a fair, carnival, outdoor exhibit or other function where the facilities will be installed for a temporary period only.

B. Pad-mounted transformers or pull boxes, service terminals, pedestal-type telephone terminals, telephone splice closures, or similar on-the-ground facilities normally used with and as a part of an underground electric distribution, telephone, telegraph or television system, or on-the-ground facilities attached to existing overhead facilities which are used for the purpose of connecting an underground system with the existing facilities.

C. Transmission lines and distribution feeder lines, together with related switch yards, substations and related equipment. Service drops from existing overhead lines to new single-family residential customers, except when underground service is required by the Town’s subdivision regulations.