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A special permit for erection of new utility poles and wires may be granted only in the event the applicant makes an affirmative showing that the public’s general health, safety and welfare and that of adjacent property owners will not be impaired, endangered or jeopardized by the proposed erection. In deciding such matter, the following factors shall be considered:

A. The location and height of such poles and wires and their relation to present or potential future roads.

B. The crossing of such lines over much traveled highways or streets; the proximity of such lines to schools, churches or other places where people congregate.

C. The probability of extensive flying in the area where such poles and wires are proposed to be located and the proximity to existing or proposed airfields.

D. Fire or other accident hazards from the presence of such poles and wires and the effect, if any, of same upon the effectiveness of fire fighting equipment.

E. The aesthetics involved.

F. The future conditions that may be reasonably anticipated in the area in view of a normal course of development.

G. The practicality and feasibility of underground installations of such facilities with due regard for the comparative costs between underground and overground installations; but a mere showing that an underground installation shall cost more than an overground installation shall not in itself necessarily require issuance of a permit.