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A. The Special Event Committee shall make recommendations to the Town Manager regarding all Special Event applications. Special Event Committee recommendations must be completed and submitted to the Town Manager not less than 30 calendar days prior to the Special Event in order to be considered for scheduling on the Special Event calendar. In order to recommend approval of an application, the Special Event Committee shall include, at a minimum, findings that each of the following criteria has been met:

1. The Special Event is widely attended and supported by the Fountain Hills community.

2. The conduct of the Special Event, including street closures, detours and/or disruptions, will not substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its location or route.

3. The nature, scope, location, and conduct of the Special Event are not reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property or create a hazard to the health, safety and welfare of the public and the surrounding properties or land uses.

4. The Special Event is consistent and/or compatible with community interests.

5. The Special Event generates an economic impact for the Town of Fountain Hills to be used for community priorities.

6. The Special Event application has been completed, all requirements therein have been satisfactorily met and application fees have been submitted to the Town.

7. The conduct of the Special Event does not require the diversion of so great a number of Town staff to prevent normal service to the Town or of law enforcement officers to prevent normal law enforcement protection to the Town.

B. The Town Manager shall approve, approve with stipulations or deny the Special Event request within 10 calendar days of receipt of an application from the Special Event Committee. In the event that the Town Manager does not approve, approves with stipulations or denies the Special Event within 10 calendar days of receipt of a recommendation, the Special Event application shall be deemed denied.

C. An applicant whose Special Event request is denied by the Town Manager may appeal the decision according to the procedure set forth in Section 8-1-12 above.

D. The Town in its sole direction, reserves the right to alter or cancel a Special Event permit after it has been issued, provided all license fees are returned to the applicant.

E. If a Special Event includes alcoholic beverage service, the Special Event Liquor License application required by Article 8-5 below shall not be approved until after the Special Event is approved pursuant to this Section 8-3-7. (16-01, Amended, 08/18/2016; 11-13, Amended, 11/03/2011, 8-3-7 Heading revised was: Major Event Calendar; Deleted and replaced; 01-09, Added, 05/17/2001, Adopted)