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The Town Manager or the authorized designee shall keep a calendar of all approved special events within each calendar year. The Special Events calendar shall be established according to the following process:

A. Holiday Events and Grand-fathered Events shall automatically be scheduled on the Special Event calendar on their regularly-scheduled dates. Inclusion on the Special Event calendar does not exempt the Special Event Sponsor from submitting a complete Special Event application by the required 90-day deadline and receiving the required Special Event approval.

B. Two or more separate Special Events may not occupy the same location on the same calendar day. Special Event organizers may coordinate and combine their Special Events and jointly file a Special Event application. Each separate organizer shall comply with all requirements of the Special Event application. (16-01, Amended, 08/18/2016; 11-13, Amended, 11/03/2011, Heading revised was: Criteria for Staff Recommendation and Town Council Approval, Deleted and replaced; 01-09, Added, 05/17/2001, Adopted)