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The following conditions shall be met in order to obtain Town Council approval of a Special Event Liquor License.

A. A complete Special Event Permit Application pursuant to Article 8-3 of this Code, including all applicable Town fees, must be submitted prior to or in conjunction with a Special Event Liquor License application under this Article. A Special Event Liquor License application will not be approved until the related Special Event has been approved by the Special Event Committee and the Town Manager or the authorized designee and/or the Town Council as set forth in Section 8-3-7 of this Code. All Special Event Liquor License applications must be submitted in complete form, including all attachments and fees, at least 90 days before the Special Event date. If there are multiple Special Event Liquor License applications affiliated with one Special Event, all such applications must be submitted as a complete packet for review at one time.

B. It is the Special Event Sponsor’s responsibility to obtain any information required to complete the application. An incomplete application will be returned.

C. Every application shall be accompanied by the appropriate application fee in an amount set forth in the Town’s fee schedule, as adopted by the Town Council as part of the Town’s annual budget or by separate resolution.

D. Previous violations by the Sponsor of this Code or a Special Event Liquor License may impact the Town’s recommendation for future permits.

E. Those serving liquor must meet all requirements of the Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control.

F. Security Requirements.

1. The Special Event Liquor License Sponsor must provide a plan for security during liquor sales, including methods for ensuring alcohol does not leave the area covered by the Special Event Liquor License. A Special Event layout indicating ingress/egress points, security, fencing, etc., must be included with the application. The Town Manager or the authorized designee will establish minimum security requirements for Special Events with alcoholic beverage service. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will determine whether the Town Manager’s minimum security requirements or whether additional security personnel are required. The Town Manager or the authorized designee shall approve or deny all security plans for Special Event Liquor Licenses after receiving a security recommendation from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

2. The Sponsor shall ensure the Special Event venue is set up according to the layout approved by the Town Manger or the authorized designee. The Special Event may be closed if any significant deviation from the approved plan is not remedied after a demand for compliance by the Town Manager or the authorized designee.

3. Required security personnel must be on-site from the time liquor service begins until all event patrons have cleared the designated area.

4. Security personnel must be deployed in a manner that prevents alcohol from leaving designated areas.

5. The Special Event Liquor License applicant shall immediately notify the Town Manager or the authorized designee if conditions change after issuance of the Special Event Liquor License. In the event of such notice, the Town will evaluate the changes and determine if additional security measures are warranted. If warranted, the applicant shall provide such additional security measures at its sole expense.

G. Only the vendor or authorized designee holding the approved Special Event Liquor License is allowed to bring alcohol into the Special Event. There must be a designated bartender responsible for serving the alcohol at all times. At no time are guests allowed to bring in their own alcohol.

H. Consumption of alcohol by any service staff or volunteers while on duty is strictly prohibited. Upon completion of shift or service hours, staff or volunteers must remove any indicators that identify them as staff or volunteers, such as badges, uniforms, event apparel (t-shirt, hat, etc.) in order to consume alcohol on the Special Event premises.

I. Sponsors shall ensure conformance with all state and local laws governing the serving and consumption of beer, wine and spirits.

J. Sponsors or their authorized designees are required to have all proper mechanisms in place to prevent under age consumption. (16-01, Amended, 08/18/2016; 07-09, Added, 10/18/2007)