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A. Neighbor Notification. Prior to offering a vacation rental for rent for the first time, the owner or designee shall provide neighbor notification to each single-family residential property adjacent to the vacation rental property, directly across from the vacation rental property, and diagonally across the street of the vacation rental property. The neighbor notification shall be provided in writing in the form required by the Town and shall include the following minimum information:

1. The permit number issued by the Town;

2. The physical address of the vacation rental; and

3. The name, physical address, email address, and twenty-four (24) hour telephone number of the emergency point of contact.

B. Additional Neighbor Notification Required. Any change to the information provided under subsection A of this section shall require additional neighbor notification by the owner or designee not later than five days prior to each change. The additional notification shall be provided in the manner required by subsection A of this section.

C. Attestation. At the time of the application, the owner or designee shall provide to the Town an attestation of compliance with the neighbor notification required by this section.

D. Violations. In addition to any other penalty pursuant to Town Code, a violation of this section shall be a civil offense. (22-09, Amended, 11/15/2022)