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The Fountain Hills McDowell Mountain Preserve (“the Preserve”) encompasses a scenic area of mountainous, pristine land within Fountain Hills that will be preserved in its natural state for the benefit of this and future generations. In order for the Town to achieve tandem goals of providing trails and trailhead locations to facilitate public access into the Preserve and to safeguard the Preserve for this and future generations, a thorough set of Preserve, trailhead and trails regulations are needed. These regulations are specifically intended to accomplish the following:

A. Maintain the existing undisturbed, desert environment of the Preserve.

B. Provide for Preserve use regulations that will maintain wildlife habitat and limit human encroachment to specific areas within the Preserve.

C. Provide use regulations for the Adero Canyon Trailhead that will provide public access into the Preserve.

D. Provide use regulations for the Golden Eagle Trailhead, including access control into the Preserve through McDowell Mountain Park.

E. Provide for the development of a trail system within the Preserve and connectivity to abutting trail systems in the City of Scottsdale and within McDowell Mountain Park. (20-23, Amended, 10/06/2020; 02-01, Added, 01/17/2002)