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A. Citizen Participation Plan. Every application for a major or minor general plan amendment, zoning map amendment, or special use permit shall be accompanied by a citizen participation plan designed to provide effective and early public participation into the proposed general plan amendment, zoning map amendment or special use permit. The citizen participation plan shall include, at a minimum, the following:

1. A contact list or method for notifying adjacent landowners and other potentially affected citizens of the proposed action, that shall include, but is not limited to:

a. Property owners within the maximum public hearing notice area required for the applicable type of application;

b. Homeowners’ associations and other neighborhood associations as identified by the Town that are located within the public hearing notice area required for the applicable type of application;

c. Interested parties that have requested in writing that they be placed on a contact list for these types of applications; and

d. Other interested parties that may have been identified by the Town.

2. A general description of how interested persons may obtain information or updates about the project, such as newsletters, mailings, social media, and meetings.

3. A general description of how interested persons will be provided an opportunity to discuss the proposal with the applicant, such as neighborhood meetings, phone contacts, email, virtual meetings, or door-to-door visits.

4. The applicant’s proposed schedule for implementation of the citizen participation plan.

5. A statement explaining how the applicant plans to keep the Town informed on the status of the implementation of its citizen participation plan, such as providing staff copies of notices prior to meetings with citizens, and contact lists used to notify potentially affected citizens.

B. Citizen Participation Report. Applicants shall provide a written citizen participation report to the Town detailing the results of the citizen participation plan at least ten (10) Town business days prior to the first scheduled public hearing. The citizen participation report shall include:

1. A list of names of all citizens and interested parties who contacted the applicant regarding the proposal or attended any meetings or presentations whether in person or virtually;

2. A summary of citizen concerns, issues, and problems expressed during the citizen participation process and how these have been addressed; and

3. Copies of comment letters, petitions, emails, and other pertinent information received from citizens or other interested parties.

C. The applicant must provide potentially affected citizens with enough information to create a reasonably accurate portrayal of the nature and scale of the proposed application, including:

1. A general location map showing the property or area considered by the application in context with surrounding property;

2. A specific site location map;

3. A tentative development plan or site plan, as applicable for the proposed application;

4. A list of any identified deviations from standard ordinance requirements being considered or requested for the development;

5. The current general plan or zoning classification and authorized uses of the property or area considered by the application and any proposed changes; and

6. The anticipated schedule for development.

D. Failure to comply with the citizen participation provisions of this section, or a determination by the Development Services Director that such efforts were insufficient to provide adequate opportunities for citizen participation, may result in postponement, rescheduling, or denial of an application.

E. The requirements in this section apply in addition to any notice provisions required elsewhere in this title or by the Arizona Revised Statutes. (21-02, Added, 09/07/2021)