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The Zoning Administrator shall not approve a Standard Plan for Tract Housing unless the applicant’s submittal includes all of the following:

A. A minimum of three (3) architecturally distinct covered patio designs shall be provided for each Standard Plan. The designs will incorporate differing rooflines such as a parapet design, a gabled design or other appropriate design given the main structure roof lines. All patio columns shall be of substantial dimensions (i.e. 12” stucco column or larger) and constructed of materials compatible with the exterior elevations.

B. A minimum of two (2) different garage doors shall be offered as a standard feature for each Standard Plan. Different designs may include short vs. long panels and decorative, divided-light panels.

C. No house product of the same floor plan and elevation shall be built adjacent or across from one another.

D. The same color scheme is not permitted on adjacent residences.

E. Provide reverse elevations, where possible, on abutting lots to keep the garage doors from being adjacent to the same lot line.

F. Detailing (i.e. veneer stone, brick, shutters, window mullions, decorative corbels, etc) shall be provided as standard features and shall be shown on the approved elevations and on the construction documents. Substantial deviations from the approved elevations must be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator.

G. No similar rear elevations shall be allowed adjacent to one another along open spaces or public rights-of-way. Window detailing shall be applied to the side or rear elevations that side or back onto open space or a public street. The detailing shall be clearly noted on the construction documents.

H. Wainscoting, pop-outs and other horizontal banding details applied to the front elevation shall be wrapped around the corner of the house to the return wall or to a prominent end-column feature.

I. All exposed metal roof vents and utility equipment shall be painted to match the adjacent roof or building color. This shall be clearly noted on the construction documents.

J. All ground-mounted mechanical equipment within a side or rear yard of a lot shall be fully screened from view by a finished, opaque wall.

K. These conditions and any additional conditions approved by the Zoning Administrator shall be placed on the cover sheet of each house construction plan submittal for each individual Standard Plan.