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A. The intent of the Standard Plans transfer policy is to provide an effective, customer friendly administrative review process to allow for the use of approved Standard Plans in a different subdivision. Concerns regarding sameness in the community and new design requirements over time are addressed by establishing minimum criteria. Minimum criteria for administrative review, submittal requirements and process are outlined below.

B. Minimum criteria for consideration of transfer of Standard Plans:

1. Standard Plans must have received approval by the Zoning Administrator within the last two (2) Years.

2. The maximum number of lots for the originally approved Standard Plans, plus the number of lots in subsequently approved projects (including any prior transfers), for all Standard Plans shall not exceed three hundred (300) lots.

3. The lot size for the approved Standard Plans shall be comparable to the lot size of the proposed transfer subdivision. Product designed for smaller lots may have a limited amount of detail and massing. Product designed for larger lots requires additional detailing. Staff may require additional design features for approved Standard Plans to be acceptable for a lot size that is larger than the original lot size.

4. The original approval must have a minimum of three (3) Standard Plans approved by the Zoning Administrator.

5. Approved Standard Plans from separate projects may be combined to form a proposed set of Standard Plans to transfer. A minimum of three Standard Plans is required for the proposed subdivision. Building elevations for this new set of Standard Plans must be compatible and provide a unified design theme.

6. All stipulations for the approved Standard Plans shall be maintained.

7. Additional stipulations may be required by staff to comply with design policies related to the proposed transfer.

8. The approved Standard Plans shall meet zoning standards in the proposed transfer subdivision. Additional stipulations may be required to comply with the zoning standards of the parcels to which the Standard Plans are to be transferred.

9. No zoning ordinance amendment will be supported to accommodate the product transfer.

C. Submittal and Processing Requirements:

1. A completed application for administrative review of the transfer.

2. Payment of the fee for an administrative review of the transfer.

3. A project narrative describing how the proposal meets the criteria stated above for consideration of transferring Standard Plans.

4. If additional design requirements are requested by staff to comply with Subsection 22.07(B)(3) above, the new set of Standard Plans must be approved by the Zoning Administrator. If a new Standard Plan is submitted for review to add to the set of Standard Plans already approved, the applicant shall submit this for administrative review and pay a separate administrative fee.

5. Provide a lot fit analysis that includes zoning setbacks and lot coverage. Provide information on the number of lots the approved set of Standard Plans were originally approved for, total number of lots approved in subsequent Standard Plan transfers (if applicable), and the total number of lots requested with this proposal.