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A. General: The applicant or its successors may request amendments to an approved P.A.D. No amendment will be approved without concurrent revision of the Development Plan.

B. Major or Minor Amendments: Amendments to the approved P.A.D. shall be delineated as major or minor amendments. Upon receipt of an amendment application, the Town Manager or his designee shall determine if the proposed amendment constitutes a major or minor amendment.

C. Major Amendments: The process to approve Major Amendments shall be as specified in Section 2.01 of the Zoning Ordinance, as amended. Changes to the approved Development Plan shall be considered major if they involve any one of the following:

1. An increase of ten (10) percent or more in the approved totals of dwelling units, gross leasable area, setbacks, allowed building height or in the acreage devoted to any land use category other than open space.

2. A significant change in boundary lines of development units that the Town Manager or his designee determines has increased the density or changed the mix of uses within the development.

3. A ten (10) percent or more reduction in the distance from a use or building within the P.A.D. to the boundary of the P.A.D., unless the P.A.D. is adjacent to dedicated open space or Open Space Zoning at that location.

4. Any change that could result in an increase in traffic impact (trips) on roadways adjacent or external to the property covered by the P.A.D. such that the built capacity of the street would be exceeded.

5. Any change in land use or density that is likely to overburden public facilities and utilities infrastructure as determined by the Town Manager or his designee, who may consult with service and utility providers in making his determination.

6. Any other proposed change to the Development Plan that substantively alters one or more components of the P.A.D. as determined by the Town Manager or designee.

D. Minor Amendments: Amendments not meeting one or more of the criteria listed in subsection 23.08(C) above, shall be considered minor. If the Town Manager or designee determines the amendment to be minor, the Town Manager or designee may administratively act on the amendment and attach stipulations or conditions of approval thereto.