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Home occupations shall be permitted in any residential zone, subject to the following requirements:

A. Home Occupations: Shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to the use of the property and dwelling unit for dwelling purposes, shall be conducted entirely within the dwelling or garage, and shall not change the residential character thereof. Carports, accessory buildings, and yards may not be used for home occupations.

B. Area: No more than twenty-five (25) percent of the gross floor area of the dwelling shall be devoted to the home occupation.

C. Employees: There shall be no employees other than members of the immediate family residing in the dwelling unit where the home occupation is being operated.

D. Delivery Vehicles: No business shall be conducted which requires delivery vehicles or other services not customary to a residence.

E. Nuisances: There shall be no external evidence of the activity such as outdoor storage, displays, noise, dust, odors, fumes, vibration, or other nuisances discernible beyond the property lines.

F. Signs: No signs signifying the business or any commercial product or service are allowed. Signs on business vehicles, regardless of their storage, shall not display the address of the home occupation.

G. Traffic: Customer/patron and shipping/receiving trip generation shall not exceed five (5) trips a day.

H. Exception: An exception to these requirements shall be made for the operation of a group home for the handicapped and adult care, day care centers, home day care centers, model homes and swim schools.

I. Hazardous Materials: Any home occupation desiring to use hazardous materials, as defined in this ordinance, must first secure a special use permit. No home occupation may use hazardous material without a special use permit. Special use permits for the use of hazardous materials will only be issued after the Town and Fire District are assured that proper handling, storage, and disposal safeguards can and will be followed for the health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood and community.

J. Uses Not Permitted: The following uses that are not permitted as a home occupation include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: The physical sale or distribution of commodities on the premises and motor vehicle repair. The Community Development Director or his designee shall render decisions on home occupations permitted with appeal to the Town Council.