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A-frame” or “T-frame” means a self-supporting, temporary, lightweight, portable sign made of durable, nonpliant material such as wood, sheet metal, or plastic that is designed to rest atop the ground without penetrating the ground.

Awning” or “canopy” means a permanent sign that is applied to, placed on, affixed to, or painted on an awning or canopy.

Balloon” means a temporary sign professionally made from a bag or similar flexible, nonrigid enclosure that holds gas or air and is attached by a tether to a fixed place.

Banner sign” means a temporary sign made of canvas, plastic, vinyl, or other pliable material attached to a wall, frame, stakes, or other support structure by at least the four corners of the banner.

Building wall sign” means a permanent sign mounted flat against or painted on the wall of a building with the exposed face of the sign in a plane parallel to the face of the wall.

Drive-through sign” means a permanent, freestanding sign adjacent to a drive-through, typically placed in or near an area where orders are taken from occupants of a vehicle.

Electronic message centers” means a permanent sign that is capable of displaying alternating, variable, or changeable copy that is electronically changed by remote or automatic means.

Feather or flag banner” means a temporary sign made of fabric or vinyl attached to a pole on one side.

Flag” means a fabric sheet of square, rectangular, or triangular shape that is designed to be mounted by a cable or rope to a pole at one end.

Freestanding wall/fence sign” means a permanent sign that is applied to, placed on, affixed to, or painted on a wall or fence that is not part of the building(s) on the property.

Hanging or under-canopy sign” means a permanent sign suspended from and located entirely under a covered porch, covered walkway, awning, or canopy.

Monument sign” means a permanent sign mounted on or incorporated into a solid, self-supporting base that is not part of a building or wall.

Off-site sign” means a sign portraying information or directing attention to a business, activity, commodity, service, product, or event that is not conducted, sold, or offered on the premises upon which the sign is located. Includes signs commonly referred to as “billboards.”

On-site directional sign” means a small permanent sign located adjacent to a driveway or drive aisle.

Permanent sign” means a sign made of durable material that is intended to be and is constructed in a manner that is permanent. Such a sign may be either attached or anchored to a building or wall or have its own foundation and structural supports. When detached from a building, permanent sign structures are constructed of durable materials such as brick, stone, metal, concrete, or related materials.

Post and board sign” means a temporary sign constructed of plywood, sheet metal, thick plastic, or similar material attached to one or two posts fixed in the ground.

Projecting sign” means a permanent sign attached to a building in a manner such that its face is not parallel to the building to which it is attached.

Residential directional sign” means A-frame, T-frame, or yard signs used to direct traffic to a home.

Roof sign” means a sign affixed on, above, or over the roof of a building so that it projects above the roofline. The top of a parapet wall shall be considered the roofline. The highest point of a mansard roof shall be considered the roofline. Where a parapet wall is combined with a mansard roof, the roofline shall be the top of the parapet.

Sign” means any device placed to attract attention by providing identification, advertising or directional information for a business, service, product, person, organization, place, or building when the display of this device is visible beyond the boundaries of the public or private property upon which the display is made. Included in this definition are graphic devices such as logos and attention-attracting items such as banners or logo sculptures.

Sign copy” means the letters, numerals, figures, symbols, illustrations, logos, and graphic characters used to make up the sign message.

Temporary sign” means a sign constructed of fabric, canvas, vinyl, foam-core, plywood, sheet metal, or plastic that is neither permanently installed in the ground nor permanently affixed to a building or structure and that is intended to serve a short-term or temporary condition. Temporary signs include signs resting atop the ground, or affixed to the ground by a temporary anchoring system, including, but not limited to, stakes, ballasts, or by being embedded in the ground (for large temporary signs).

Town Center pedestrian area” is designated as shown in the figure below.


Vehicle sign” means a sign painted, attached, or affixed to a trailer, watercraft, truck, automobile, or other form of motor vehicle.

Window sign” means any poster, cut-out letters, painted text or graphics, or other text or visual presentation affixed to, or located within six (6) feet behind, a window pane and placed to be read from the exterior of a building. Such signs may be permanent or temporary.

Yard sign” means an easily portable temporary sign up to six (6) square feet in size that can be implanted in the ground without use of tools.

(21-13, Amended, 11/02/2021; 21-09, Amended, 05/18/2021, Deleted and replaced)