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A. Searchlights: The operation of searchlights is prohibited.

B. Recreational Facilities: No outdoor recreational facility, public or private, shall be illuminated after 11:00 P.M. except to conclude a specific recreational, sporting or other activity that began prior to 10:00 P.M. Recreational facility lighting shall make appropriate use of adaptive controls when possible.

C. Outdoor Building or Landscaping Illumination: The unshielded outdoor illumination of any building, landscaping, signage or other purpose, is prohibited except with light fixtures of less than 1125 lumens. The combined outdoor unshielded lighting shall not exceed 1125 lumens within a 25-foot radius. All illumination shall be so arranged as not to shine upon or reflect onto adjoining properties.

D. Exterior Lighting: All lighting for off-street parking or loading areas or for the external illumination of buildings or signs shall be directed away from and shielded from any adjacent residential property and shall not detract from driver visibility on adjacent streets.

E. Mercury Vapor: All mercury vapor fixtures are prohibited.

F. Signage: All outdoor signage lighting shall conform to Section 8.02 and shall be of such size and color as not to interfere with traffic or limit visibility of adjoining property. Lighting on any sign not wholly illuminated from within shall conform to Section 8.02 and be directed towards the ground. Regulations relating to signs with intermittent, scrolling or flashing illumination are in Chapter 6, Section 6.08(B).