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A permanent enclosure for temporary storage of garbage, refuse and other waste materials shall be provided for every use, other than a single-family dwelling or multiple-family developments containing four (4) or less dwelling units. Additional common trash enclosures shall be provided for multiple-family developments having five (5) or more units such that 1/3 cubic yard (9 cubic feet) of disposal capacity is provided per unit, rounding up, and such enclosure(s) shall be located no further than two-hundred-fifty (250) walking feet to the main entrance of the units they are intended to serve. A minimum of one (1) trash enclosure is required for commercial, industrial, and other nonresidential or institutional developments. Additional trash enclosures shall be provided at a number and at locations as determined by the Director of Community Development. The enclosure shall be entirely surrounded by screen walls or buildings. Trash enclosures shall comply with the following regulations:

A. Construction: Trash enclosures shall be so constructed that contents are not visible from a height of five (5) feet above grade from any abutting street and shall be constructed of solid or ornamental pierced masonry walls with solid concrete floor sloped for drainage and maintenance of sanitary conditions. Enclosures shall be of sufficient height to conceal contents, including containers, but in no case shall any enclosure be less than four (4) feet in height above grade. Gates are required and shall be solid or baffled, equal in height to the enclosure and equipped with latches to ensure closure when not in use. Central trash enclosures shall be provided for multiple-family developments having five (5) or more dwelling units, and must be accessed in a forward motion at points of ingress/egress.

B. Location: Trash enclosures shall not be located in any required front or side yard.