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A. Except as provided herein, it shall be unlawful to erect, install and/or modify any permanent sign within the Town without first applying for and obtaining a building permit from the Development Services Department. “Modify,” as it is used herein, shall mean any change to:

1. The size or shape of an existing sign;

2. Electrical components;

3. Design; and/or

4. Supporting structures.

B. A building permit shall not be required for the following activities or types of signs; provided, however, that such signs shall be subject to any and all applicable provisions of this Chapter, including Zoning Administrator approval when required:

1. Street address numbers.

2. Any sign four (4) square feet or less in area not otherwise prohibited by this Chapter.

3. Repainting.

4. Minor, nonstructural repairs to signs or sign supports.

5. Temporary signs, except banner signs.

6. Window signs.

7. Changes to a sign panel or copy on an existing sign.

C. Failure to conform to the conditions of a building permit, including any conditions and/or stipulations attached thereto by the Town Council and/or Board of Adjustment, shall render such permit void.

D. Fees for building permits shall be required and payable in such sums as the Town Council may from time to time establish as part of the Town’s annual budget or by separate resolution.

E. A building permit for a sign does not include electrical work (a separate building permit application is needed for electrical work); however, this exemption shall not be deemed to grant authorization for any work to be done in violation of the provisions of the Fountain Hills Town Code or any other laws or ordinances.

F. Building permit applications for signs shall include sufficient information regarding the size of the property, the building, and the tenant occupancy; the dimensions and size of each sign; sign height and location; lighting, including information needed to determine compliance with Chapter 8, Outdoor Lighting Control, of the Zoning Ordinance; materials used; and other pertinent information as needed to evaluate the proposed sign for compliance with this Chapter. (21-09, Amended, 05/18/2021, Deleted and replaced)