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A. Conformance with General Plan: The design and land uses in the proposed P.A.D. shall be consistent with the Town’s General Plan and any applicable area specific plans.

B. Ownership: The development of the site shall be under control of the applicant at the time of application and planned and scheduled to be developed as a whole either in a single phase or multiple phases as outlined in the required phasing schedule.

C. Approval of Development Plan: No building, subdivision or zoning approval shall be issued for any use under a P.A.D. zoning designation prior to approval of the Development Plan as prescribed herein. For the purposes of this chapter, “Development Plan” shall collectively mean the Town-approved version of the Site Plan submitted according to Subsection 23.07(B) below, the additional required studies provided according to Subsection 23.07(C) below, the project narrative provided according to Subsection 2.04(C) above and the phasing plan submitted according to Subsection 2.04(C) above.

D. Number of Buildings Per Lot.

1. No more than one (1) primary residence may be built on one (1) platted or recorded lot in any P.A.D. for single-family detached dwellings.

2. More than one (1) building may be placed on a platted or recorded lot for multifamily housing types, commercial uses or other nonresidential uses as shown on the approved Development Plan.

E. Streets, Utilities, Services and Public Facilities. To achieve the maximum benefit to the Town based upon the unique aspects of each proposal for a P.A.D., certain specifications and standards for streets, utilities and services may be subject to minor modifications of the specifications and standards established in this and other Town ordinances. The Town Council may, in conjunction with the P.A.D. approval, waive or modify the specifications and standards for streets, utilities and services upon a finding that such waived or modified specifications and standards allow the P.A.D. to be developed in a manner that will benefit the Town. The plans and cross sections of all streets, utilities and services shall be reviewed, modified if necessary, and approved by the Town staff prior to the Town Council approval of the P.A.D.

F. Utilities: If at all feasible, all on-site utilities shall be installed underground, including but not limited to, electricity and telephone, including those on land which will be dedicated to public use as part of the development, and those utility lines which must be extended to provide such utility services to the development property from an end point outside the development property lines.

G. Landscaping: A preliminary landscape plan shall be provided with the Development Plan and approved by the Town Council. The landscape plan shall reflect the approved plant list as provided in Chapter 6 of the Town Subdivision Ordinance.

H. Retail Uses: A large single retail use or large multiple use shopping center may be located within a mixed use P.A.D., but only when said use has been expressly identified as part of the P.A.D. zoning application. If such use has not been expressly identified as part of an approved P.A.D., but is requested, a major amendment to the P.A.D. is required as specified below in Section 23.08.

I. Size and Use Restrictions: P.A.D. zoning shall not be approved for one (1) single-family home on one single-family lot or for a parcel of land less than five (5) acres in size, unless the parcel of land is within the downtown area boundary depicted in Section 23.05, in which case P.A.D. zoning shall not be approved for a parcel of land less than three (3) acres.

J. Additional Standards: Development within a P.A.D. shall conform to all existing codes and ordinances unless modifications of specific conditions, requirements, and standards are agreed upon by the applicant and the Town and included as part of the P.A.D. approval.